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Create your own is not as easy as it sounds

Some people prefer to make their jewelry. Year's, it is possible to maintain a certain degree of creativity and uniqueness of their designs.

Can be adjusted to change the body jewelry is an exotic, unique and strange, shocking, extreme and even more interesting. One of the advantages would not be able to boast its own set of rings, pins, etc.

When you create your own body jewelry set, it is important to choose the material. You do not like it when you create a masterpiece of design for maximum performance and a very aesthetic, but you do not use jewelry such as to cause an allergic reaction, if you are wearing.

You need a strong, non allergenic, non-corrosive material that you use every day. Yes, indeed, it is necessary to bring you knowledge of the material used for their body jewelry.

When looking at different materials, you should always take into account the percentage of nickel on the use of the material. It is nickel, which causes allergic reactions in humans when they enter wearing earrings, rings, etc. Since the nickel is bio-compatible, as far as the metal skin, which causes many problems, ranging from mild itching even more severe irritation and infection.

Some of the material, which is a small nickel is pure silver. But even if the silver part of their properties from the combination of metals and alloys, one of which is nickel.
Gold is another very precious and very low concentration of nickel in the hands of a jeweler that can create a very good job. Remember the bottom line: The use of the materials cause irritation of the user.

There are materials that have better properties than silver and gold, in terms of resistance to the allergen. These materials include surgical stainless steel (SSS).

Even if it sounds foreign and scary, surgical stainless steel, it is perhaps the most popular metal body jewelry. In addition, apparent power and nearly flawless execution of SSS contains very little nickel, which is ideal for body jewelry. Less response to the body, the more it becomes jewelry.

If you have a lot of money and may remain, niobium and titanium would be the best material that could be used for their body jewelry. Niobium and titanium is non-reactive. Titan itself contains less than, 05% nickel.

In addition, the risk of damage to jewelry made of niobium and titanium, since the usual scratches and dents is unheard of price of these metals. They are very strong and hard. But these last two materials are quite expensive and requires sophisticated equipment to be shaped into a little jewelry for your type and design.

There are other ways to get their body piercing jewelry. If you do not know how to create your own, able to create original design and ask the experts and experienced people to make their own drawings of genuine jewelry. This may become a bit of luck to you, but if we really need or urge to be unique, then it is probably the best way that you can take.

Body jewelry is an opportunity to express themselves. If you want to talk to Turner, the city manager and the subject of conversation, one of the best ways to receive reports of the various physical changes made to your body, including piercing. And if you really want to excel, then adjust the piercing jewelry is the next step is the best.

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