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Synthetic diamonds Are As Good As natural diamonds for rings engagement?

White diamonds are the most popular gemstone ring for engagement. But today, the options are different as fantasies of color, and even synthetic diamond imitations. What real alternatives? No synthetic diamonds really a great natural alternative to rings engagement?

Unlike fake or fake diamonds that quite different from natural diamonds, both in terms of chemical composition and physical appearance, the synthetic diamonds are identical to natural diamonds.

Because the natural geological processes over millions of years in the harsh conditions of high temperatures and pressures, the synthetic diamonds are manufactured in a laboratory process developed in the late part of the twentieth century.

Like natural diamonds, synthetic, or man-made diamonds are part of pure carbon. The formation process leading to production of a carbon lattice identical to natural diamonds. Synthetics, so the same atomic composition, physical appearance and chemical properties. Therefore, the real diamonds. There are only natural.

Like natural diamonds, the synthetic product quality varies depending on the success of manufacturing process. Synthetics can look good as diamonds mined, not as good, or they may look even better than natural things!

And because the manufacturing process can be carefully controlled, synthetics may also be made from a wide range of color, light and carat weight as well. However, as the natural variety, the greater the integration is made in the laboratory, the defects are more likely to build on its structure. This means that larger carat synthetic products are more difficult to find than a smaller carat weight, they are diamonds mined?

So synthetic diamond rings engagement is good? Well, that really depends on how you think about them.

For many people, he looks like a duck and quacks like a duck is a duck! And while the same argument can be made specific to synthetic diamonds, not everyone thinks the same. Some believe that diamonds in a laboratory can only only copy of the original Earth.

Because they are grown in a laboratory, these synthetic materials is greatly cheaper than their counterparts in the mines. It can make a good alternative to your budget is not quite what you expected. If you choose one with a rating of clarity, good cut and color flash fire and intelligence, both as a natural diamond is.

And while the renowned jewelers can easily tell a lab grown from a natural diamond, it is unlikely that someone says his engagement ring is set in a lab made diamond , unless you tell them.

Synthetic diamonds can make great rings engagement, if your boyfriend accept one. But do not pretend to him that a natural gemstone mined or not, or you will quickly realize that synthetic diamonds also make difficult decisions all the engagement ring!

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Cultured Diamonds mengatakan...

As for me, I think man made diamonds are just perfect for an engagement ring. What are the requirements for an engagement ring you think? Majority of brides would say first of all the ring should be bright as diamond, fadeless, solid to resist all casual blows and scratches, long-lived to be appropriate for everyday wear. Man made diamonds meet all these requirements. As for the price, in this regard created diamonds have the advantage over natural gems as they are cheaper. So, in my opinion it is better to buy a created diamond engagement ring and have money for honey moon trip left instead of spending the whole fortune just on a tiny pricey gemstone but natural one. I don't think you'll see the difference, except for the price. I am for created diamonds!