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The language of diamonds - lab-created, synthetic and simulated diamonds - Which is that?

Familiar with the jargon of diamonds and other gemstones can be a lifesaver when it's time to make big purchase fine jewelry. Most people already seem familiar with the 4C of diamonds (cut, clarity, color and carat), but a prospective buyer of fine jewelry should also be familiar with standard definitions of fine industry jewelry, where it refers to diamonds and other gemstones.

While it is perfectly fine for the general population in terms of trade, such as synthetic diamond and simulated diamond without excessive consequences, it is totally in your best interest as a buyer of fine jewelry to ensure that they clearly understand the terms and definitions you will explore through the jewelry store and shop for your next fine jewelry purchase.

A natural diamond is, as its name implies: It is from the ground and took God knows how many years to form.

A lab created diamond or synthetic diamond (the terms are interchangeable) is indeed a real diamond, with all the physical and chemical characteristics of a natural diamond, only creating occurred in a laboratory. And, as with natural diamonds, with different grades of diamonds lab-created/synthetic, one is not necessarily better than others. One carat natural diamond can easily be of lower value than a similar-sized lab-created diamond, if the lab has created mines of light and color and a higher quality cut.

From a lab-created/synthetic quality diamond can have all the fire and brilliance of a natural diamond, the difference between diamonds and jewelry for two years when purchase is imperceptible. Only a trained gemologist can tell the difference.

Simulated diamonds, however, are impostors diamonds. And as impostors, some very nice and others just can not make it. One of the most popular diamond simulants are cubic Zirconia (CZ). Cubic Zirconia is shining and can be very nicely used in jewelry, but not in way shape or form come close to the coveted copy features a real diamond.

Cubic Zirconia is used in most costume jewelry and, as there are simulators better quality diamonds in the market for CZ, should stay away from the piece of jewelry with precious stones, for example, is paired with ruby Cubic Zirconia stones or other another very very important. In a nutshell: Since CZ is not the top-of-the-line diamond simulants, you can bet that other important real some of it is not good quality either. Not that there anything wrong with buying good jewelry Cubic Zirconia, and has some beauties out there, no doubt. The only "bad" would be like if you bought Gems false impression that this is something not.

High end diamond simulants is a material called Moissanite created by Charles & Colvard, Ltd. North Carolina. Such is the quality you can find Moissanite found in 14k and 18k gold, polished section of Sapphires and other precious stones really. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission warns that some thermal testers used to identify natural diamonds Zirconia Moissanite can register as natural diamond. "

As a quick note: Moissanite was successfully created in a laboratory environment in the mid 1980s. Although there are websites out there claiming "Moissanite jewelry antique ', please understand that no such thing. Rather, these sites are selling antique jewelry. This is a small but important difference to consider.

The FTC regulates term as lab-created, synthetic and simulation should be used in connection with diamonds and other gemstones. Fortunately, awareness jewelry vendors and business with integrity and have the definitions and descriptions of products on your page. Now you, as purchaser, to be sure you read and understand the information is disclosed to you.

For more information about rules and practices of fine jewelry industry, visit the FTC Guide for jewelry, precious metals, and pewter Industries.

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