Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

Body jewelry, what to look

If you are looking for jewelry you will be confident enough to pickle. There are literally thousands of online jewelry stores. You can spend hours and hours looking at the number of on-line jewelry selections.

You can easily find a genuine and expensive body jewelry as well as those cheap fake. We found jewelry made of unique material. The only problem is you need to select the right body jewelry. There are many things to consider include the type, brand, price and design. It is important that you will find that the trade can provide opportunities for choice.

Sure, body jewelry are different from each other. The key is to seek truth and fine jewelry that will maximize its functionality and aesthetic value as that without spending half the savings to them.

One of the most important things you should know is the correct term for each type of body jewelry. Stores may be confused with what you say and then sell you the wrong kind of jewelry. For the decorations from the language, try to tell you directly and not barbell tongue piercing. "Also, the curved bar or bananabell is used instead of" navel ring. "

Familiarity with different kinds of jewelry, you have greater certainty regarding the purchase and allow you to compare and choose the best deals. Basic types include ball captive rings, locks and bars, which are further divided into straight, curved or circular. Also, it is necessary to recognize and identify what labrets, septum, nose screws, twists, nasal bones, loops, spirals, claws, claws and talons.

Knowing each species is inadequate. You should also know that where we are. Good thing is that most jewelry can be worn on many types of piercing. But surface piercings are limited to surface only in the bar. Other things you should consider are the right size, materials used (it is better to use surgical steel, titanium, if you have a sensitive body chemistry) and flexibility of jewelry. Avoid wearing jewelry body that will limit the movement too. In addition, make sure you carefully inspect before you buy jewelry. Make sure the surface is smooth.

Now, there are certain things that you also remember when buying body jewelry. Whenever possible, avoid buying non-specialized stores, shopping malls or discount stores (for internet), especially if you buy jewelry, piercing. Because these types of stores are not experts and do not know the difference between silver and titanium jewelry. You might end up buying bar, the magazine says that the surgical steel, but is actually an alloy containing nickel. End up with irritation and even infection caused by a bad purchase. Always experts in these sorts of things.

Also, some additional advice: if someone invites you to buy plastic, acrylic or Lucite jewelry ignore. Even if these people are really cheap, are designed to be worn for a long time. In addition, if you think your metal jewelry also responds to your body, creating bad smells and boring, so we can use as an organic body jewelry stone, horn, bone or wood and glass.

One thing to keep in mind, however, the use of organic jewelry, which should never be worn in fresh piercings. These types of body ornaments are worn on the piercing, which have considerably healed.

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