Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

Body Jewelry for Sale

Fashion World consists of two things, namely, clothing and accessories. One of the many accessories may decide to hold the bag on some things, and jewelry.

Traditionally, these things get in the form of earrings, necklace or bracelet. Recently, a new trend, and that means putting jewels on a body.

Body jewelry is seldom sold in the store. This may be because most clients are very conservative. The customer will get a tattoo or piercing shops, or check on some cars is located in a mall.

There are many types of body jewelry is easily available. A person may be present for the nipples, nose, tongue and navel. These improvements are not just for women, because some people bought it is part of the crowd.

There are two ways to stay in the body. The first will take place after someone, it penetrates the skin. Others remain there with the help of a magnet.

Much nicer than others? The answer will depend on who will be those who use it and what means are to wear.

The prices of these products vary depending on the material that was used. Gold and platinum are more expensive silver, titanium, glass and plastics, which are taken at the market bottom.

If a kind of body jewelry is not available, some customers may be lucky to find this line. Those who are not satisfied with what is vitriol can come with the drawings, and then that. Before the purchase, the customer is looking in the mirror to see if it looks good.

There are people who think that body jewelry is very strange. Who may view those who do not, but it stopped some people have fun.

Take for example, Melanie Brown, ex-Spice Girl, who has a piece of body jewelry in the tongue pierced. Another woman raised in a talk show was Jackson, who had done the same thing, but this time the nipple.

There are many other celebrities who do the same. When asked if it hurts, most of these people, yes. Why do people do? Some say it's one of the trends of life in the digital age, to motivate others to explore new things.

Studies show that sales of body jewelry has increased in recent years. One reason may be because many people look to people as models. If someone has a fan club and decided to use the body jewelry, others will follow soon, either fixed or pierced in places not surprising that some would never even imagined.

Everyone should go to the store and get one? It depends on the person. For some, it is cold, while others do not. Choosing to buy this accessory piece is just another way of expressing their individuality. There are other ways of expression, and it makes every bit differently.

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