Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

Be Jeweled

Jewelry has a long and interesting history of human civilization and development. In antiquity, the wearing of jewelry to symbolize the social and religious forces people to wear. This was also the means to store wealth, which explains why jeweler heritage and uses some cultures as dowry or for transfer of ownership.

In some cultures, tribe, jewelry were used to adjust their own body. In some cases, neck rings were added slowly to the neck, while for women rose to the unusual length to become dependent on assistance for the neck rings. Strain women as a status symbol, and a decorative piece that women with longer necks were considered more beautiful than their short-necked.

Although the use and history of jewelry seem varied, the lowest common denominator in all these countries is that the jewels were used to convey a message. Whether the beauty, power or status, jewelry were the easiest way to communicate. In these modern times, jewelry and its use has evolved over time, to find creative expression in body jewelry today.

Body jewelry is no longer limited to traditional items such as jewelry, usually earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Deadline of body jewelry includes now some kind of decoration that can be decorated on the body and most often expressed by more than usual, piercings like belly rings and so on. Today we no longer need the equipment expensive jewelry. Modern body jewelry are often made of semi-precious or even non-noble materials.

Some body jewelry are made from plastics and other metals, but some are even just imitations of precious stones, which can be individually glued to preferred body selection model parts. For example, there are body jewelry kits available with suggested patterns to follow, subject to the agency. This course is a temporary display and either crashes or will eventually end when the wash cycle.

It's cute body jewelry that absolutely anyone can wear. Unlike ancient times, few are chosen to wear the jewelry official today, even children or persons of any sex, age or race can choose to display these body jewelry. Body jewelry nowadays are used to express individuality in how they are worn. Some people go all out and radical in the use of body jewelry. In some cases, are very open, "there" in the display body jewelry has become so popular, it can be established as a norm rather than the exception.

For example, it is common for gangs and gang members to use body jewelry that is termed as "bling-bling" but since popular artists, rapper and pop singers have been treated in the same way that they become part of popculture. Thus, instead of promoting exclusivity, it has become a fashion accessory to decorate with this particular type of body jewelry.

Anyway, it seems that body jewelry is here to stay. Perhaps this generation is a way of saying "with the old" that the problem continues the tradition, like wearing jewelry, and portable.

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